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We are a full-service accounting, management consulting and business coaching firm that caters to small and medium sized businesses.

As a Business Owner, does any of the following describe you, then it’s time to TAKE ACTION NOW.

  • Feeling burned out (working 50-70 per week).
  • Is sick and tired of dealing with internal bookkeepers.
  • Worried that “your books are a mess”.
  • Has fallen behind on government dues and filings.
  • Business has cash flow problem (can’t figure out where the money goes).
  • Business is not profitable or losing money.
  • You have not taken any vacation in past couple of years.
  • Your employees rely on you for guidance.
  • Have hard time retaining staff.
  • Staff not performing at optimal level.

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Why Choose Us

  • Look after your Business

    Look after your Business

    You gain business partner when you hire us. We look after your business as our own.

  • Easy Access

    Easy Access

    Even though we are virtual, we are part of your team and therefore, you always have access to us via email and phone.

  • Industry Knowledge

    Industry Knowledge

    We take time to research and learn about your industries and business, so you can receive optimal level of service.

  • Quality


    We take full responsibility if we lack quality or if any reason, you are not satisfied of our work that was in our control.

  • Training and Experience

    Training and Experience

    Up to date knowledge with yearly professional development and training for keeping your business current.

Priti Lad Professional

As a business owner, you wear many hats to run your business and that creates long working hours, next to no vacation and family time, physical and mental burn out and financial restrain. This ultimately turns into health and family problem.
At Priti Lad Professional Corporation, our services are structured to give Peace of Mind by supporting growing businesses in streamlining back office function...

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